Kural ்.       In English: A father's duty to his son is To seat him in front of the wise.

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I am very delighted to convey my warm greetings to the Executive Body, Faculty, Staff and the Students of the prestigiousITI Women Chamba Chamba with a sense of pride.

My admiration has never stopped growing for this Institute, since it has played a pivotal role in advancing the cause of higher education in the nation during its formative years, before and after independence. The galaxy of eminent personalities who have passed out of the portals of this great institution will speak volumes for the quality that this Institute has stood for. I salute all the great personalities and share my appreciation for the faculty and staff who have been dedicated to their work.

ITI's motto "Learning Promotes Natural Talent" though framed in the year.. is certainly a visionary statement which serves as a guiding principle for the students, as they enter theinstitute system for their higher education. It is true that fruits of Higher Education are sweeter and valuable when it promotes the blossoming of natural talent that enriches students to be value enhanced individuals. The scenario of higher education in India is now in a transformational phase as compared to earlier times. We are in a compelling era where global conditions require that conventional practices have to change and adapt to suit the current requirements and also address futuristic needs. 

I consider myself privileged to 'Lead the Team' with compassion and steadfast commitment towards achieving excellence in all our activities. With the support of the faculty members, staff and students, I am sure that the Institute campus at Women Chamba will be enhanced with value added features to provide a holistic and comprehensive education that enables students to be employable, through the real enlightenment of the self!

It is my desire that this edifice of higher education shall stand tall and proud with valuable contribution to the nation in particular and the world at large with the advancement of academics and research to help promote 'Qualitative Human Development'!

Best regards to one and all

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